Friday, September 24, 2010

Roasted Chicken with Thyme and Friends

"What's wrong Mews? You look agitated."

"Yes, yes I am.  Constance Snodgrass has rejected my invitation to dinner."

"What a rude shrew she can be," Quigley says hopping towards the oven.  Never mind her-more chicken for us!" 

"I shall try again, next week.  Perhaps her snobbery is a disguise for shyness," Mews says smearing the entire chicken with butter. 

"You are nothing if not persistent Mews.  Now let's get this fat bird into the oven!"


  1. Mews, she'll succumb eventually. No one could resist you forever. Or at least resist your cooking!

    ::Mommy dribbling::

  2. Her loss! What a fine and polite friend you've been! She'll come around at some point...and if not, more delicious yummies for you!

  3. Mews, you are very understanding about Mz. Snodgrass. Maybe she is just shy around such mankat charisma. Meanwhile, enjoy the chicken!

  4. I daresay she will scent this concoction in the air and come rapping on the door.

  5. I say Mews, could it possibly be that CS is a vegan, but too timid to admit it?

  6. Perhaps she simply had other plans? I think you should try again!

  7. No, she is most decidedly not a vegan. I've seen her destroy a sirloin in a matter of minutes. I shall try again this week. I'm in the midst of composing a most compelling letter.


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