Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mews Rants Against Daytime Television

"Mews, what on earth could have you so riveted?  I must say that unearthly glow on your face is a little unnerving.  I've never known you to watch daytime television."

"Just checking in with what the masses are filling their heads with Quigs.  And I must say, it looks rather bleak.  Look at this doctor-so far he's advised me to drink a glass of water with my coffee so that I don't get dehydrated.  Really!  Now wouldn't a real doctor be at a hospital, oh, I don't know, doctoring!  And take a look at those faces in the audience.  What a bunch of unthinking saps.  I'll tell you one thing, Quigs.  You will never catch me letting some egotistical hack tell me what to drink with my coffee!"

"Of course Mews, of course."

"Now pass me a little Jameson 12 yr.  Now THAT goes with my coffee, Quigs!"    http://www.thebuenavista.com/irishcoffee.html


  1. Our Mommy is terribly uncivilized. She pours Captain Morgain's Rum into her coffee recklessly. Every afternoon.

  2. Ah, as long as she's not driving the vacuum she'll be okay. I do say this obsession with health can have the opposite effect and drive one into an early grave if one is not careful. Might I suggest a good book? I will be doing book reviews not too far in the future...


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