Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cutlets, Muscat and Doubt

"Mmm.  Those herbed veal cutlets Quigley were simply manna from heaven.  It troubles me to mention, however, that the bread was dryer than a camel's toes-what on earth happened Quigs?  Your loaves are usually baked to perfection!"

"Yes, I'm sorry about that Mews.  Perhaps it's all that's happened this week.  I've been a little distracted."

"Well, I've a cure for that," Mews says pulling out a DVD and a small bottle of liquor with elan.  A glass of muscat and a movie should ease your troubled mind, no?"  Quigs nods takes a look at the movie title.

" 'Doubt?'  Isn't that the tale about a conflict between an accused priest and a prudish Meryl Streep?  Oh dear, don't we have something more on the lighter side of things Mews?  I'm already battling a gnawing case of acid reflux."  Mews smiles.

"Let's watch it.  I think it will give us some insight on this trouble with Horst.  All this finger pointing, all these prejudices and assumptions. I think it is just the movie for us gentlemen."

"Very well Mews, very well.  Hand me that Muscat at once though, won't you?"


  1. Tell Quigs to use flat beer instead of water to his loaves. And 2 tablespoons of dried oregeno is very good.

  2. A glass of muscat will surely be just the ticket to ease your troubled mind!

  3. Mews, wondering when Mrs Snodgrass is coming for dinner so that we can get a report on the Barbera from Woodward Canyon.


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