Friday, September 17, 2010

Horst is off to Oktoberfest!

"Yes, yes.  Yah, I'm fine Mews.  Very good of you to call.  I'm just finishing up a batch of sausages in honor of Oktoberfest (and yes, I admit, I've been indulging a little in some Pilsner).  In fact, I'll be visiting your local Oktoberfest here in Mount Angel, Oregon.  No, it won't exactly be Munich, but it'll be most entertaining-especially after my difficult week.  I'm especially looking forward the Wiener dog races.  Can you imagine!  What's that Mews?  Yes, danke schon.  And you have an excellent weekend as well Mews."


  1. Horst, Make the best of the wurst! Hehehehe! I wish I could be there. Have a good weekend!

  2. Hmmm, "dog:pilsner". A 3:7 ratio. And "weiner:batchofsausage". 3:7 again... Keep that in mind...

    Have a vin, perhaps a good glass of Barbera...

    Oh my... vin:barbera, 3:7 again!

  3. Horst, be know what can happen in a crowd. Mr. Mews, does your friend need some muscle? We'd send over the Titans, Johnny & Maui...better known as Jupiter & Uranus.

  4. Oh, most intriguing. Jupiter and Uranus-perhaps I ought extend them an invitation. Still, it's best to keep an even keel as they say. No need for muscle-not yet anyway.


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