Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dear Mrs Constance Snodgrass...

"'Perhaps you didn't receive my last letter.'  No, no, that won't do.  'Dear Mrs Constance Snodgrass.  Your presence is requested for dinner and well-mannered conversation.  It's been a long time since we've been able to exchange pleasantries and thoughts on the activities of the building. Your eager host, Mr. Mews.'  There, invitation completed.  Now, what to cook? I shall need some help creating a new menu.  A dreary Sunday afternoon is just the day to spend pouring over recipes."


  1. Mews, I'm thinking an herbed pasta with pancetta, a nice caprese salad, a baguette with oil oil and that nice Barbera that you've been saving would be purrfect.

  2. Oh that sounds lovely! You clearly have refined tastes for a, ahem, tomcat-

  3. Crumbs. We were going to suggest spaghettios and Miller lite. We didn't think!


  4. Oh my, a nicely grilled chicken with Italian seasoning and olive oil was going to be my suggestion. I will save that and the sides I had in mind for another time.


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