Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mr Mews Reacts to a Madman

"Quigley, really, what is the world coming to?  A man holds the Discovery channel building hostage.  What a most rough and tumble fellow.  What, pray tell, do you call a man who hates his own?"

"A misanthrope."  Mews turns to Quigley and frowns.

"I know that Quigs, I was being rhetorical.  What a wretch he must have been hating his own species.  I can't image such self-loathing.  I believe I feel a tinge sorry for the old man."

"Sorry Mews?  My goodness, he was a beast of the ultimate order!"

"I do say Quigley, your heart is growing harder by the minute."

"It's a hard world Mews, one cannot wear one's whiskers-or feathers in my case-on his sleeve.  Now for more important matters-dinner tonight.  How about a splendid cheese souffle?" 


  1. I LOVE Mr. Mews!! Our cat Cosmo is a fancy fellow too :)

  2. Oh, please do invite yourself and Cosmo over for a good glass of wine anytime and conversation. We've been enjoying our local NW Pinot Noirs lately with some port salut and french bread. You simply can't go wrong with that combination.

  3. I,the Admiral also know my way around a topic and have a rather refined and discerning sense of decorum and order. May I have an invitation as well?

  4. Admiral, your invitation is always open. I look forward to introducing you to Tolliver and Combs next week. I believe we'll be having a Thursday night debate after dinner which may turn into a weekly event. I'll certainly keep you informed!


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