Friday, September 10, 2010

Mr Mews Receives an Invitation

"What are you looking at Mr. Mews?"  Quigley asks as he sips his Lapsang Souchong.  

"Well, I'm just taking a look around the courtyard for newcomers.  Look here-I received this invitation this morning.  I shall read it to you Quigs."

Dear Sir,

We have yet to become acquainted and this
invitation aims to remedy that unfortunate
situation.  Allow me to introduce myself.  I am
Horst, and I am new to the building.  I am from
Bavaria.  Won't you join me soon for a fine 
Pilsner and some wursts and spatzle?

Yours, Horst

"Fascinating.  A Bavarian.  Yet, new to the building.  But Mews, the only ones new to the building are the canines!"

"Quigley, relax.  We don't know that.  Besides, Horst couldn't be a canine-look how well he writes-like a cultured sophisticate.  I shall RSVP immediately."  Quigley hops over and rests a wing on Mews' paw.

"Don't you think you ought to find out who this Horst is before you RSVP?"


  1. Uh oh, Mr. Mews may be a bit hasty...then again, it's hard to turn down a fine Wurst.

  2. Mr. Mews..I like that fine mind of yours but...Quigley MAY, ahem...right.

  3. Admiral, your words of caution are duly noted and most respected. Your rank does not go unnoticed, and I do salute you for your frankness and your appropriate suspicion. Don't forget however, than a mannered man is not without tooth and claw and very much prepared to use them.

    And yes, Katnip, it is very hard to turn down a juicy Wurst. I am most inclined to accept this mysterious invite and see what develops. Unless, of course, someone talks me out of it...

  4. Hmm, these descendants of the Gauls simply cannot be trusted. I suspect a trap.

  5. Perhaps this is some sort of dreadful Visigoth disguised as a common gentleman, tempting me with succulent meats.

  6. I cannot imagine a fate worse than that of Brunhilda. And she was one of their own!

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