Tuesday, April 12, 2011

And Then There Were Two

"And it wasn't Scarlett White the producer.  She was on the air moderating the political debate between Ham and Jimmy Scape."

"Yes, besides, she has no real motive," Quigley added.  "McBain is her cash cow-she would have no reason to get rid of him.  So that leaves only three-Imelda McBain the ex, Jon Lenin and Fern Butterfield."

"Actually two Quigs.  You see it wasn't Imelda McBain either.  She was on a shoe-shopping trip to New York during the attack.  And while she does have motive, she doesn't need any money.  Besides, she's not the kind of "do it yourself" criminal we're looking for.  In addition to her personal driver, chef, assistant, and stylist, she even pays for someone to retrieve her mail.  No, if she were behind any of this she would most likely have hired a professional.  And as I explained earlier, I'm quite sure this is not the work of a professional."

"And then there were two Mews.  So, Fern Butterfield and Jon Lenin..." 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Who Didn't Do It?

"By the tried and true process of elimination Quigley, I can tell you who is not Regis McBain's attacker.  Later I'll explain to you why I believe the attacker and the blackmailer are the same person (s)."

"Continue Mews," Quigley said listening intently on the other end of the line.

"Charlie Poker, "Ham the Operator" Radio, and Jimmy Scape did not attack McBain.  And here's why- Charlie Poker, as you know, has been in prison for the last several months.  He also really has no motive-the reason he's in prison is for burglary.  Addicts like Charlie Poker need quick money and fast turnovers.  I have no reason to suspect that he could even pull off a blackmailing scheme-let alone concoct a plan and execute it from behind prison walls.  As for Ham and Jimmy-well, the night Regis was attacked they were locked in a live, online political debate-I have the dated transcript to prove that they could not have been McBain's attacker."

"If you are right Mews, that leaves only four suspects.  And how can you be sure McBain's attacker is also his blackmailer?"

"Nothing is for certain Quigs, but I'm quite sure the person or persons behind this is quite the amateur by the way in which things have been carried out.  An amateur criminal would not have the resources or the knowledge to hire outside people to perpetrate his crimes.  And by the amount of loose ends and unfulfilled threats I would say that this is most definitely the work of an amateur."   

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Last Few Suspects

"Quigley, tell me what you've found out about our final suspects while I've been away."

"Of course, Mews.  Well, we can count out Charlie Poker the gambling addict since he's been in prison for the last three months due to an unrelated burglary charge.  That leaves Jimmy Scape the Angry Blogger and "Ham The Operator," the DJ who fills in for McBain from time to time-Ham seemed to have nothing bad to say about McBain-in fact-he thinks of McBain as his mentor.  Jimmy Scape, on the other hand, is a deluge of hate.  Not only did he have absolutely nothing good to say about McBain over his laptop and a stiff Martini, it would seem from his words that he thought McBain was the antichrist!"

"Goodness gracious, Quigs.  Well, yes, none of this surprises me.  In fact while I've been out of town I've had time to review the entire case with fresh eyes, and, I believe I may have solved it-well, most of it anyway."

"That is refreshing news I have to say Mews!  It's been such a long case, I admit I've already forgotten half of the suspects."

"Not to worry Quigs.  I shall be reviewing the suspects and the important aspects of the case for you this week as I tie up some loose ends.  I don't-of course-want to make any mistakes when I finally reveal the culprit."

"Or culprits," Quig said sounding excited.

"Or culprits," Mews said before hanging up the phone.
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