Thursday, September 23, 2010

Did Someone Say Schmaltz?

Mews is awakened by a captivating scent wafting over from Horst's kitchen.

"Horst what on earth are you cooking?  It's heaven sent!" 

"Why Schmaltz, of course.  Yes, instead of wasting this chicken fat, I cut it up, fry it and use the rendered fat to cook my special home fries.  I also use it to saute vegetables and it's great for a roux."

"I've been using olive oil so long I've actually forgotten there is another way to cook!  It's unhealthy, no, all that fat?  Isn't Schmaltz a fancy way of saying lard?"  Horst shakes his head and frowns.

"Like anything, moderation Mews.  You want schmaltz?  You should try schmaltz.  Here's a good recipe:


  1. We knew the word "schmaltz" was Yiddish but we thought it just meant sentimental! The real meaning sounds delicious!

  2. We have never had schmaltz at our house - we have heard of it though - we wish our mom would look into it. But she likes to be all healthy (plus, she really only likes chicken breast - what a weirdo). It sounds like such a tasty way to cook to us kitties!

  3. Hm...I must make Mommy go and see what that is..right away.


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