Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to Make a Perfect Cup of Black Tea

"A perfect cup of tea begins with-of course-good quality tea.  Tea is not something you want to be "cheap" about otherwise you'll get that bitter, gut wrenching ache after two sips.  Even the moderately expensive teas like Twinings and Tazo are good provided they are fresh!

*Now that you've got your good fresh tea it's time to get the water running.  Only fresh, cold water will do!  

*While you're bringing the cold fresh water to a boil, warm up your mug or your teapot with hot water and let it heat up.  If you are using a teabag your tea is already measured for you.  If you have loose tea, about one teaspoon per cup should do.

*It's time to get the ball rolling!  Empty the water from your warm mug add the tea and the just boiled water.  If this seems elementary it is, but each basic step is important to perfect tea and temperature is crucial.  Steeping time is your preference-I should insist that you never steep for more than five minutes.  I prefer about three.  Cream, sugar?  Yes, of course.  One lump or two?  Sit back, enjoy and reflect.  Here's a most soothing how to clip with a well-mannered Brit:"


  1. Well, since I am being outvoted on pepper steak, I will make myself a nice cup of Irish Breakfast Tea ("purr" the above instructions) and contemplate roasted chicken!

  2. I was secretly hoping for more pepper steak voters myself! Perhaps I shall have to be undemocratic about this and issue an edict declaring pepper steak!

  3. Thanks for the tips, Mr. Mews! Our human likes to drink tea, although we are not very fond of it.

    P.S. We are voting for the arctic char! Yum!

  4. Mom prefers her Russian tea and her tea from Sri Lanka..black tea with cherry.


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