Friday, September 17, 2010

Mews Rounds up the Usual Suspects

"As your most trusted friend Mews, I assure you I know nothing of this plot to rid the building of Horst and the Basement Brothers we have yet to meet.  Frankly, Mews, I'm a little offended that you might link me to this disgraceful behavior."

"I by no means aim to accuse you Quigley of actually writing such a note.  I know you better than that.  I am simply inquiring as you know the buzz around the Laurelhurst neighborhood, no?"

"Of course.  I do get about and I do have my own suspicions Mews.  It has come to my attention that Old Mrs Snodgrass has recovered from her illness and seems to be reinvigorated with a fresh dose of spite and ire!" 

"Indeed," Mews says taking in a waft of late summer air.  "Constance Snodgrass...I thought for sure this latest illness might have done that bitter old pill in!  Now, let's take our minds of this wretched matter and watch a little Casablanca Quigs."


  1. We hope you can get to the bottom of this, Mr. Mews!

    P.S. Our mom's mom LOVES Casablanca, so she has watched it many times. We think that is the best line from the movie (although it's hard to choose!)

  2. It is hard to choose-such excellent writing and acting- I agree!

  3. My Mom almost choked on her tea when she and I read your comment. My dear Mr. Mews. That would indeed be the gentlemanly thing to do I dare say. However know that *I* did not authorize that outrageous depiction. That was HER..and she will hear about it somewhere near 4 am.

  4. Oh I bet she will hear about it and tenfold!

  5. Ah, the "closed apartment building mystery"! It shall be very intriguing to see how this develops. Will the note in question smell of blended wines or (shudder) "gravy", or of Nip? Or may it turn out to be a mousey conspiracy to cause social friction between potential friends?

    We await to learn...

  6. Yes, it seems that the mystery could go in any manner of directions at this point. There is only one way to find out my friends.


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