Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Another Mysterious Gift Has Arrived

"I believe it's a music box Quigley.  No, no idea where it came from or that snail for that matter."

"Perhaps you have a secret admirer Mr Mews."

"Oh, that's silly.  Who could possible be admiring me?"  Mews looks out the window and considers the possibilities.

"Perhaps," Quigley says with a twinkle in his eye, "Phillipa has had a change of heart."

"No, that couldn't be.  Why would she be sending me gifts when she won't even return my calls. No, I'm afraid her heart is cold and still when it comes to me.  I have a feeling it's someone else."

"I believe we should discuss this further over dinner tonight Mews.  I have a lovely new Claret I'd like to share with you."

"Sounds simply delightful, Quigs.  I shall whip up a peppercorn roasted pork with a vermouth pan sauce that may go nicely with your Claret." 


  1. Um..are Torties invited Mr Mews and Quigley? We have exemplary manners I assure you.

  2. Of course! And please do wear your commanding head attire.

  3. Hmmmm...I can't wait to see the mystery unravel!

  4. We'd love to know who the secret admirer is too!

  5. You have me salivating on my kibble, my friend! Such fare is the stuff of dreams. Let us know when you've uncovered the secret admirer!


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