Friday, September 17, 2010

Mr Mews Week in Review

"Ah.  Time to myself-at last!  What a week my friends, what a week.  A new canine friend-Horst,  threatening notes, a peevish Quigley, a new bouillabaisse.  For a retired gentleman I've certainly got my hands full!  Much to muse over, much to muse over.  Still, at the top of my list-getting to the bottom of this Horst issue.  Quigley is faster to point fingers than I, but I must consider Mrs Snodgrass as a prime suspect in the anti-canine campaign.  I shall invite her for dinner.  I'm simply dying to open this new Woodward Canyon Barbera that's been burning a hole in my wine rack.


  1. We hope we may at least have the dregs?

  2. You deserve that bottle of wine -- what a week!

  3. Gosh, we're foodies but not the vino conniseur you are! (and maybe not the spellers, either.) Mommy only buys cheap plonk and expensive rum.

    She makes a mean Catnip Mojito!

  4. No friends of mine drink dregs. You are much so humble for an Admiral, Admiral!


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