Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quigley is Agitated and not Amused

"Mews.  I must say your reckless behavior has me in a state.  Yet, I'm curious, of course.  Tell me about your dinner with this Horst character.  I see that you not only survived the dinner in one piece but that you genuinely seem entertained."

"Yes, Quigs, it was quite an event.  Horst pulled out the punches-the wurst was..."

"Yes, enough about the food.  Do tell what actually transpired.  What indeed were the beast's intentions?"

"Well, I'm afraid I might let you down my friend.  Nothing out of the ordinary actually transpired.  I do believe that the beast-Horst-was only looking to make a friend in the building."  Quigley ruffles his feathers and offers a keen eye towards Mews. 

"Okay, Mews, fine.  And fair enough.  Now I have a question for you.  And it is this.  How large is this beast-sorry-fellow?"

"Well, if you must ask.  And I do say this is not the question I was expecting, but since you ask I do believe I outweigh the canis lupis familiaris about two pounds."

"Okay, good, yes, fine and good.  This information eases my troubled mind.  And by the way, this individual decidedly does not look Bavarian.  Does not this arouse your suspicions Mews?"

"Of course, of course, Quigs.  But a gentleman cannot be led around by the nose according to his suspicions lest he become a paranoid hermit, no?"

"I suppose you may have a point Mews.  Yet I'm not sure I recognize you anymore.  We will have to revisit this issue indeed.  Indeed!"


  1. Mr. Mews, I'm so glad you had a nice visit with Horst! And I'm happy you haven't allowed your or other people's suspicions from halting a new friendship.

  2. It was very sporting of you to befriend Horst!


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