Friday, December 31, 2010

The Suspects Gather

"Quigley, is everybody here?" Mews asked as he entered the living room."

"Everyone but Magnus-but we can get him on the horn when need be," Quigley said.

"Very good," Mews said looking around the room.  The suspects were quietly muttering to one another and avoiding eye contact with Mr Mews-everyone except for Mrs Snodgrass.

"Let's get on with this already Mews.  I've got a cheese souffle baking and guests to entertain for my New Years Party," she said looking peevish.

"I'm afraid the souffle with have to wait," Mews said.  "We have a mystery to solve."

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Suspects 7 and 8: Constance Snodgrass and Beauregard


Constance Snodgrass
If it was up to me I'd have locked Snodgrass up weeks ago," Quigley said looking agitated.

"Yes, I think we are all well aware of your attitude towards Snodgrass, Quigs.  And she is our number one suspect but only because she did at one time wage a building-wide anti-dog campaign.  But that was years ago and really, we have no proof that Snodgrass has anything to do with the current case.  What further complicates things is that apparently she has some sort of relationship with this Beauregard character who is most definitely a dog.  Perhaps she's had a change of heart and is no longer a dogist."

"It is curious.  If she is the dog hater that she claims to be than why mingle with Beauregard?  And what do we know of Beauregard anyway Mews?"

"Not much my friend, except that he may have a prejudice against small dogs.  Didn't you tell me you saw him snarling at a tea cup chihuahua just the other day while you were following him?"  Mews asked as Quigley nodded.  "I'm afraid I don't have much on Beauregard.  My initial suspicion was simply that he was associated with Constance Snodgrass.  Now, I'm not sure.  I'm not sure of any of this Quigley.  I'll need a day of serious contemplation before I can solve this mystery once and for all.  I'll need you to leave me on my own and then come by in the evening for port.  I believe I'll have something for you by then," Mews said looking stoic.

"I have just the port in mind Mews," Quigley said looking excited.  "It will help soothe your addled brain and at once stimulate your creative process.  I look forward to it Mews." 

Suspects 5 and 6: Jean Claude Reveneau and the Swedish Twins

M. Reveneau
"Although we haven't seen much of Jean Claude Reveneau," Mews said munching on an apricot scone, "he was not bashful about his disdain for dogs last we talked."

"And what would M. Reveneau's motive be Mews?"

"Jean Claude strikes me as an arrogant, but simple man.  I don't imagine him strutting around and concocting a plan.  No, I think he is the type that acts impulsively.  Perhaps he heard barking, and in a fit of anger wrote a nasty note."

"And the Twins?  Surely such a lovely pair of creatures couldn't possibly be capable of such barbarism Mews," Quigley said giving his feathers a quick cleaning.

"I don't suppose you could find fault with the twins on any account, could you Quigley?"  Quigley smiled.

"I suppose I may be a little biased on this one Mews.  And that is why I've got you to set my head straight.  Honestly, I can't see that the twins would have any reason to get rid of Horst."

"Oh, but you forget that our female counterparts can be most wickedly motivated when awoken abruptly in the night by noisy neighbors on a regular basis.  And you do remember that Pernilla was trying to hide her peevishness at being subjected to Horst and Magnus' arguing."

"I suppose they could've been out of their minds due to a lack of sleep and written the notes hastily in the night only to regret it the next morning."

"Regret does not make the act any less egregious," Mews said.

"That's true Mews.  But I can certainly imagine their anger at being awoken in the night.  Even I might be capable of a nasty act while delirious from lack of sleep."

"Is that a fact Quigley?" Mews asked with eyebrows raised.

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Pernilla and Ingeborg

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Suspects 3 and 4: Magnus and Horst

 "Horst gave me this photo of his former-ahem-friend, Magnus who now resides in Berlin," Mews explained to Quigley who was busy refilling his tea cup.  "While Magnus was out of the country by the time the notes began it is possible that he could've set something up using an accomplice."

"And Magnus' motive?" Quigley asked.

"He was a jilted lover.  He was bitter that Horst rejected his plea to move with him overseas.  He could have decided to "scare" Horst into moving with him. 


"And Horst?  As a suspect?  But he is the victim here Mews.  Why on earth would Horst harass himself?"

"Stranger things have happened Quigs.  While unlikely, we must not rule him out if we are to be thorough.  It may be that he is motivated simply by narcissism.  The squeaky wheel gets the attention, right?  Or perhaps he has decided to set someone else up.  Maybe he doesn't like Mrs Snodgrass and wishes to drive her out of the building by making her look like a dogist."
"That would be a very passive aggressive maneuver wouldn't it Mews?"

"Yes, yes it would Quigs.  Now, more tea and more suspects.  Are you ready?" Mews asked as Quigley wearily nodded.

Suspects 1 and 2: Mews and Quigley

"Mon dieu Mews!  You can't possibly expect me to believe that after all this time you are the culprit.  Tell me you're just being thorough Mews," Quigley said looking anxious.

"I am being thorough and fair.  I do live in the building.  Dogs are my natural enemy.  There is no reason why I should be presumed innocent just because I am the sleuth."

"Okay, Mews, and I suppose I, as your sidekick, cannot be completely ruled out as well," Quigley said looking chagrined.

"That's right Quigley.  A detective, as you know, ought to deduce in a systematic manner as a scientist would.  That is why you and I cannot be completely ruled out although I know that I didn't do it."

"And I know that I didn't do it!"  Quigley shouted.

"But I don't know for sure that you didn't do it," Mews said.

"And I don't know for sure, Mews, that you did not do it!"  Quigley looked confused.  "Goodness, my head is spinning Mews.  I think I need a strong cup of tea."

"Yes, I agree Quigs.  And after tea we'll get straight to the next suspect who is neither you nor I."

"Thank goodness Mews.  I think I was starting to sweat.  Metaphorically, of course," Quigley said with a knowing nod.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mews Reviews the Case

"Quigley, you've done an excellent job investigating.  We now know for certain that our prime suspect, Mrs Snodgrass, is acquainted with another suspect, Mr Beauregard.  It's finally time to review the case, our list of suspects, and their motives."

"What's to review of the case Mews?  Two anti-dog notes were left on Horst's door that read, 'Go home dog.'  Let's get on with things already and get straight to the suspects!"

"Very well, Quigley.  Your impatience-while aggravating-can be inspiring at times.  There's been enough dawdling.  Let's get straight to the suspect list."

"Excellent!  Now Mews, what dubious, potential dog- hating operater is first on the list?"

"Well, Quigley, why don't we start close to home-with none other than myself?"

Quigley Follows Beauregard to Mrs Snodgrass' Country Estate

"Just as I suspected," Quigley quietly muttered to himself as he hid motionless amongst the dormant grape vines.  "Beauregard and Snodgrass are surely scheming.  I shall report to Mews at once.  This caper's days are numbered!" 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Quigley Trails Beauregard

"Looks as if this jowly fellow is about to make a phone call.  True, it's not exactly a felony.  Still, he's our last and most elusive suspect.  He's been known to have colluded with Constance Snodgrass in the past and I shall follow him until the day is dark and see what I can learn since he won't return Mr Mews' phone calls. . ."

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Quigley Investigates

Finally, I've found Beauregard's residence.  I must get closer.

No, this won't do.  I'll surely be spotted here.

Ah, a touch of solstice sun.  How delightful.  Mews will be envious-what is this I see?

Beauregard leaving his building.  I shall follow him and see where he goes!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mews Gives Quigley a Mission

"Mews, something about this Magnus character doesn't sit right with me," Quigley said taking a seat near the window.

"Yes, yes.  I know what you mean Quigley," Mews said, nodding.  "I'm afraid that Horst may still be withholding information from us.  Something doesn't feel right about our conversation with him.  I'll need time to review my notes and search for any inconsistencies."

"What's next then?  We have one more suspect left to interview isn't that right?"

"Yes, and that's where you come in Quigley.  I need some time to think and I need you to track down this Beauregard fellow."

"Are you saying I finally get to do some hard-boiled gumshoeing?  Oh dear, this is exciting," Quigley said as Mews handed him an address.

"I expect, Quigley, that you will keep a low profile and use your avian skills to the best of your abilities," Mews said.

"Mews! Are you implying that I swoop about from rooftop to rooftop whilst eavesdropping?"  Quigley asked.

"You might need to drop in on a few eaves, yes," Mews said with a grin.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mews Listens to Horst's Story

"Magnus and I ended our relationship last summer because I would not accompany him to Berlin where his musical career was taking him.  Magnus is a tenor-he has a voice of the angels.  Anyway, I finally told him that I was tired of tramping around the world with him from city to city, production to production.  He didn't take it well I'm afraid and that's when the Swedish twins heard the arguments."

"I see," Mews said as he studied his guest.  

"But I'm certain Magnus is not a suspect Mr Mews.  You see he left the country before the nasty notes appeared."

"It would seem unlikely that Magnus is involved-however-we can't rule him out just yet."

"Yes, of course," Horst said looking glum.  "It's just that I can't bear to think that Magnus could be capable of such cruelty."    

Monday, December 13, 2010

Horst Opens Up

"I'm afraid I'm wracked with guilt," Horst said looking chagrined.  "You've both done all this work to find my antagonizer and I've barely lifted a finger to assist you in in my own case."

"Darn right Mr Horst!  I might add that you may have potentially gone so far as to harm your case," Quigley said, hopping onto the edge of the sofa.

"Nonsense, Quigley," Mews said from the kitchen.  "Why don't you relax and take a seat.  I fear you are intimidating our guest.  Now, Horst.  What can you tell us about this dog friend of yours that you were heard arguing with last summer?"

"Yes, okay.  If I may say one thing in my defense first.  I refrained from telling you about Magnus because I wanted to be discreet about my affairs.  It's hard enough being a petite dog-if you know what I mean."  Mews and Quigley exchanged looks and settled into their seats with some freshly brewed Irish tea.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Mews and Quigley Discuss Horst's Mysterious Visitor

"Mews, we must interview Horst at once.  He is withholding important information-who is this dog that he was heard arguing with?"  Quigley was getting agitated and he began hopping up and down.  "Mews.  Horst has become an unreliable witness.  Indeed, withholding such information is itself a crime!"

"Calm yourself Quigley.  Horst is not on trial here.  There is no court, no jury, no judge," Mews said.

"He's protecting someone Mews, I just know it!  I shall fly over to Horst's at once and interrogate him!"  

"No need for such impudent behavior Quigs.  I've already called him and scheduled an inquiry for the weekend.  Now, finish your tea and relax.  The last thing I need is an angry bird flapping about the building spreading rumors and even more anxiety!"

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Swedish Twins Join Mews and Quigley for Tea

"If only this meeting was under more pleasant circumstances," Quigley said looking serious.  "You must understand that the two of you are in no way suspects in this case," Quigley said ignoring Mews' look.  "We just want to know if you have any more information that would be of value to this case."

"I understand that our neighbor Mr Horst is being bullied, yah?  With angry notes?" Ingeborg asked.  "Because he is a dog?  But he seems so nice and refined.  We often hear the loveliest of music coming from his walls during the day," Ingeborg added.  "He also gives us wurst from time to time."
"Ah, yes.  I quite like the ones spiced with peppercorns," Quigley said pulling himself nearer to the couch.

"He does make a fine wurst, but perhaps we can get back to the matter at hand," Mews said giving Quigley a measured look.  "Ladies.  You say you hear sounds from Horst's apartment.  "Have you heard anything unusual?"  

"I don't know if you call arguing unusual," Pernilla said while she stirred her tea.  "But ya, lots of quarreling last summer."

"Oh yes, that was dreadful.  Sometimes the growling and the barking was so loud that it woke us both in the night!"  Ingeborg said.

"Growling?"  Quigley asked.  "Barking?"

"Oh yes, the both of them.  And the other dog-he seemed much gruffer, much louder," Pernilla added.

"Did you say that there was another dog?"  Mews asked turning off the stove with a quiet and thoughtful motion.  

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Quigley Insists That He Help Interview the Swedish Twins

"Now, Mews.  I have to insist that I be present when you interview Ingeborg and Pernilla this coming week."

"Oh you do, do you?  And why is that Quigs?"

"Well, last I saw them-Ingeborg especially- was quite shaken up over this ordeal.  They simply can't believe that they are suspects in this case.  I'm sure that they would feel much more at ease-and therefore more willing to cooperate-if a person they consider a friend were present at the inquiry."  Mews leaned back and smiled at Quigley.

"I believe you're absolutely right Quigs.  I'm afraid I must insist that you keep your schedule open early this week."

"Yes, very well, I shall do just that Mews," Quigley said pressing out his downy breast with satified elan.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Mr Mews and Quigley Consult

"Mews, what did you learn about this Jean Claude fellow?  He's always struck me as a bit vapid and cocky that one."

"Unfortunately, I learned very little except that our French neighbor enjoys his food and wine a good deal. And that he has a thing for the Swedish twins Ingeborg and Pernilla."

"Indeed.  As if he would have a chance in hellfire with either of them."
"Yes, well, Jean Claude's love life is little of my concern," Mews said with a measured look.

"Of course," Quigley said looking a little sheepish.  "Did you note anything suspicious about Reveneau?  Anything-out of the ordinary?"

"He did seem altogether eager about discussing his prejudice against dogs including a rather close call with an Irish Shepard out on his grandfather's farm.  But no, I'd have to say I don't get a feeling that Jean Claude is behind the nasty notes."

"Ah, but Mews, maybe that's exactly what he wants you to think!"

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jean Claude is Wined and Dined

"Oui, Mews, ce diner est grand!  I am-how you say-stuffed to the gills.  This pork-so tender-the salad nicoise-sublime.  Pour me some more of that Cabernet and I'll admit to anything!  Now, monsieur, what is this bone you have to pick?  You think that I have something to do with this Horst?  You think I want the dog out of the building?  No.  I have nothing to do with anything.  Do I like the dogs?  No.  But I am a rooster.  A cock if you will.  It is natural that I do not like the dogs.  But do I harass them?  No.  I live, I let live."  Jean Claude smiles and winks at Mews as he raises his goblet.  "The only ones I perhaps "harass" are the ladies if you know what I mean.  And they don't seem to mind to much.  No?  Oui?  Ah, have you met those Swedish sisters yet?  Ingeborg and Pernilla?  Oo la la!  Ces filles sont jolie!"
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