Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mr Mews Rejects Quigley's Snack Food

"How dreadful.  What on earth are you pecking at Quigley?"

"A protein bar.  It gives me energy in a pinch.  If you don't approve, then look away my friend."

"I'm afraid I can't avert my eyes away from this unseemly food travesty.  In fact, I daresay calling that seed and sugar brick "food" is an injustice to real food-braised cornish hens, juicy and robust racks of lamb; heaven sent filet mignons glazed with Gorgonzola.  No, that food product that you are consuming is not food.  It belongs in a military ration, locked in a freezer in Antarctica or a bomb shelter in rural Kansas."  Wearily, Quigley responds as he gulps down a chunk of Peanut Delight.

"I'm a busy man Mews.  I can't always stop for brie and gerkins.  I'm sorry that you disapprove."

"Eh.  I suppose I've had my low moments too Quigs.  I'll have a gift basket sent to your address this evening stuffed with the finest of escargot and pate.  That should keep you stocked for a good week."

"Mews, you really are the most generous man I know."


  1. Wouldn't a spoonful of caviar have had the same renewing effect?

  2. Yes, yes indeed it might. As might a touch of monk fish liver.


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