Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mr Mews Awakes to Learn that Pastor Jones has Canceled the Koran Burning

Mr Mews awakes from a mid afternoon nightmare.  He calls Quigley for reassurance and indeed that is what he receives.

"Yes, didn't you hear Mews?  The Pastor has called off the burning of the Koran."  Relieved, Mews nods his head.  

"That is indeed good news Quig.  I has the most horrendous apocalyptic dream.  In it, my favorite blanket burst into flames.  I do say, these attention seeking agitators really get my goat.  It is a good thing that the uncivilized brute has canceled his madness."

"Yes, Mews, it is good.  It's a relief to know that civilized persuasion can and is still effective in our modern times." 


  1. Mr Mews, It was indeed good news! Great photo! It would indeed typify my reaction should the event have gone on as planned...(I don't know what it is about a cat making a face, it's just hysterical).

  2. I am still worried that that he could change his mind. Intolerance is a Bad thing.

  3. We hope so much that he has canceled it - latest reports are that he might change his mind. And you are so right about the fact that he just wants attention.

  4. Perhaps he just wants to continue getting his attention and by keeping the "ball in the air" he get it. Ah, what a headache.


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