Friday, September 3, 2010

Quigley Agitates Mews to Get Active

"Oh dear, I'm sorry Mews, I didn't realize you were meditating.  I do apologize for such a rude interruption."

"Yes, yes, it's fine Quigs.  Come and have a seat-I've got a fresh pot of Lapsang Souchong brewing."

"No, no sorry I don't have time."

"In a rush?  Do tell, what takes you away from a mid afternoon tea?  I've got some decidedly moist cheddar and bacon scones-have you forgotten it's science Friday?"

"Haven't the time Mews.  I have bigger fish to fry.  Haven't you heard the latest news Mews?  Two more canines have moved into the building."

"Oh dear, where?"

"In the basement."

"Well, I suppose that's where they belong.  As long as they aren't across the hall."

"Some of us are having a meeting tonight Mews,"  Quigley says lowering his voice.  "I urge you to join us.  I simply can't stand for this.  Three, indeed, three canis lupus familiaris in the building!  No, this won't stand.  It's a slippery slope my friend."

"No, no," Mews says waving a paw.  "You go and report back to me.  I'm not sure I'm up for this sort of rally today."

"Very well, Mews.  But this isn't the last you'll hear of this issue, believe you me."


  1. Moist Cheddar and Bacon scones? Our Mommy will be there forthwith!

  2. I do hope you like chives as well.

  3. um, cheddar and bacon? me kind of stopped reading there but mine mom lady person saided that you hadded 2 woofies move in - ME LOVES WOOFIES! - Billy

  4. Yes, it's becoming an issue-the "woofies" as you call them. While I'm rather tolerant, old Quigs is becoming much less so. We shall see what develops next week.


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