Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mews Searches for a New Hobby

"A new hobby Mews?  Really, aren't you busy enough between our morning philosophical debates and your sonnet writing?"

"Yes, my poetry does keep me busy-and you do keep me on my toes, Quigs.  I don't know, I've just been feeling a hint of ennui lately.  Perhaps it's the changing of the weather."  Mews looks away, takes a breath and sighs.  "I feel as if a new hobby might break me out of this spell and offer me a new perspective."  Quigley nods and pecks at his tea.
"Indeed, you might join me at my town meetings," Quigley suggests.

"No, no, no.  I'm afraid those town meetings would give me an irreversible case of heartburn.  No Quigs, a real hobby.  Like stamp collecting, or golf.  You know, like regular people."

"Golf?  Hmm.  I've never played.  I did almost get pummeled once by one of those little balls mid air.  I don't know Mews, you could never be "regular."  Mews takes in the scent of his Earl Gray.

"I'll have to give this some thought Quigs.  Quite a bit of thought in fact." 


  1. Oh a hobby sounds wonderful, but we agree that golf might be a dangerous choice - stamp collecting sounds better to us.

  2. Well Mews, as for a hobby, I can see you at a billiards table. (With a wee bit of single malt awaiting your attention?)

  3. Yes, Amy...stamp collecting! Or perhaps photography?

  4. Yes, I do like billiards-I would have to invest in a table, however. Stamps, photography, oh my!

    Welcome Tomcat!

  5. It might seem new-fangled, but have you considered becoming an expert at those air-hockey games? It seems to us that cats would be very good at that with our fast reflexes.

    On the other paw, you might want to collect antique toy mice. Presented in fine wall-mounted wooden boxes with glass covers, they might become quite the conversation piece...

  6. Hmmm...we are still debating what you meant by "regular"...so many permutaions of the meaning of THAT word.


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