Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mr Mews Week in Review

"Indeed, so much has happened this week.  Strange gifts, potential book burnings, a mysterious invitation.  I shall sit back and muse over all that has happened.  But before I do that I shall take in a little entertainment, "What's Opera Doc."  I invite you to do the same."

And here's that delightful peppercorn pork recipe.  Enjoy!


  1. Well, we thoroughly enjoyed that! Thank you, Mews, for a little light entertainment. Now, we are rather peckish...scones with Devon cream, anybody?

  2. I will ask if I may invite myself, dear Mr. Mews to the festivities. The Devon cream only if you will.

  3. Oh do, please do. And who shall bring the Devon cream?

  4. As a purebred Devon Rex, I think it only proper that I bring the Devon cream!!!


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