Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jean Claude is Wined and Dined

"Oui, Mews, ce diner est grand!  I am-how you say-stuffed to the gills.  This pork-so tender-the salad nicoise-sublime.  Pour me some more of that Cabernet and I'll admit to anything!  Now, monsieur, what is this bone you have to pick?  You think that I have something to do with this Horst?  You think I want the dog out of the building?  No.  I have nothing to do with anything.  Do I like the dogs?  No.  But I am a rooster.  A cock if you will.  It is natural that I do not like the dogs.  But do I harass them?  No.  I live, I let live."  Jean Claude smiles and winks at Mews as he raises his goblet.  "The only ones I perhaps "harass" are the ladies if you know what I mean.  And they don't seem to mind to much.  No?  Oui?  Ah, have you met those Swedish sisters yet?  Ingeborg and Pernilla?  Oo la la!  Ces filles sont jolie!"


  1. Hey Mr. Mews, what a wonderfully clever blog! Thanks so much for the Follow of Bocci's Beefs-I just returned the favor:-)

  2. Mews, JC is hiding something! We just know it!


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