Friday, December 10, 2010

Mews and Quigley Discuss Horst's Mysterious Visitor

"Mews, we must interview Horst at once.  He is withholding important information-who is this dog that he was heard arguing with?"  Quigley was getting agitated and he began hopping up and down.  "Mews.  Horst has become an unreliable witness.  Indeed, withholding such information is itself a crime!"

"Calm yourself Quigley.  Horst is not on trial here.  There is no court, no jury, no judge," Mews said.

"He's protecting someone Mews, I just know it!  I shall fly over to Horst's at once and interrogate him!"  

"No need for such impudent behavior Quigs.  I've already called him and scheduled an inquiry for the weekend.  Now, finish your tea and relax.  The last thing I need is an angry bird flapping about the building spreading rumors and even more anxiety!"


  1. That Horst...we think you're lucky he didn't EAT you, Mews, we've been suspicious of him from the start. We think the Wurst is yet to come!

  2. Mews, your calm and deliberate manner will win the day. I'm thinking that Horst has an interesting story to tell!

  3. We have no clue who he could be protecting. It is all very mysterious.

  4. Yes, never spread rumors and anxiety. Good advice.

  5. the WURST is yet to come indeed!

  6. Oh my goodness!! We just love mysteries!! We are waiting for the next clue!!
    Your TX furiends,


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