Friday, December 3, 2010

Mr Mews and Quigley Consult

"Mews, what did you learn about this Jean Claude fellow?  He's always struck me as a bit vapid and cocky that one."

"Unfortunately, I learned very little except that our French neighbor enjoys his food and wine a good deal. And that he has a thing for the Swedish twins Ingeborg and Pernilla."

"Indeed.  As if he would have a chance in hellfire with either of them."
"Yes, well, Jean Claude's love life is little of my concern," Mews said with a measured look.

"Of course," Quigley said looking a little sheepish.  "Did you note anything suspicious about Reveneau?  Anything-out of the ordinary?"

"He did seem altogether eager about discussing his prejudice against dogs including a rather close call with an Irish Shepard out on his grandfather's farm.  But no, I'd have to say I don't get a feeling that Jean Claude is behind the nasty notes."

"Ah, but Mews, maybe that's exactly what he wants you to think!"


  1. Quigley is in love with the Swedish Twins? The plot thickens even further!

  2. SWEDISH twins? I can hardly wait! This is gettin' good. Mom? Stop drooling for are a scandal monger!

  3. Mews, I have this feeling that M.Reveneau knows exactly who the culprit is, but is enjoying your dilemma!

  4. It may be that Jean Claude is slow to reveal information in an effort to get as many dinners from me as possible.


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