Saturday, December 4, 2010

Quigley Insists That He Help Interview the Swedish Twins

"Now, Mews.  I have to insist that I be present when you interview Ingeborg and Pernilla this coming week."

"Oh you do, do you?  And why is that Quigs?"

"Well, last I saw them-Ingeborg especially- was quite shaken up over this ordeal.  They simply can't believe that they are suspects in this case.  I'm sure that they would feel much more at ease-and therefore more willing to cooperate-if a person they consider a friend were present at the inquiry."  Mews leaned back and smiled at Quigley.

"I believe you're absolutely right Quigs.  I'm afraid I must insist that you keep your schedule open early this week."

"Yes, very well, I shall do just that Mews," Quigley said pressing out his downy breast with satified elan.


  1. Mr Mews, the Romance Enhancer!

    pee ess: a "snorgle" is when you allow a human to bury their face in your tummy and they pretend to eat you and make all kinds of gustatory's noises. It's heavenly, better than an aged single malt.

  2. Ah, I see! Most intriguing, these humans.

  3. This is quite informative!

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    Nubbin wiggles,

  4. Wow Mr Mews, there is so much going on there that we are missing ! We need to do a better job keeping up!

  5. I know it's late, but has Mews considered that the twins are Quigley's alibi for one of the letter nights? The one he was in the hall... returning a sweater?


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