Thursday, December 30, 2010

Suspects 5 and 6: Jean Claude Reveneau and the Swedish Twins

M. Reveneau
"Although we haven't seen much of Jean Claude Reveneau," Mews said munching on an apricot scone, "he was not bashful about his disdain for dogs last we talked."

"And what would M. Reveneau's motive be Mews?"

"Jean Claude strikes me as an arrogant, but simple man.  I don't imagine him strutting around and concocting a plan.  No, I think he is the type that acts impulsively.  Perhaps he heard barking, and in a fit of anger wrote a nasty note."

"And the Twins?  Surely such a lovely pair of creatures couldn't possibly be capable of such barbarism Mews," Quigley said giving his feathers a quick cleaning.

"I don't suppose you could find fault with the twins on any account, could you Quigley?"  Quigley smiled.

"I suppose I may be a little biased on this one Mews.  And that is why I've got you to set my head straight.  Honestly, I can't see that the twins would have any reason to get rid of Horst."

"Oh, but you forget that our female counterparts can be most wickedly motivated when awoken abruptly in the night by noisy neighbors on a regular basis.  And you do remember that Pernilla was trying to hide her peevishness at being subjected to Horst and Magnus' arguing."

"I suppose they could've been out of their minds due to a lack of sleep and written the notes hastily in the night only to regret it the next morning."

"Regret does not make the act any less egregious," Mews said.

"That's true Mews.  But I can certainly imagine their anger at being awoken in the night.  Even I might be capable of a nasty act while delirious from lack of sleep."

"Is that a fact Quigley?" Mews asked with eyebrows raised.

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Pernilla and Ingeborg


  1. Oh, dear, we have to vote? We thought you were going to tell us. sigh. We're not very good detectives cause we don't have any idea. :(

  2. Oh, I will be revealing the guilty party this weekend. I'm just curious as to who you think it might be...


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