Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mews Reviews the Case

"Quigley, you've done an excellent job investigating.  We now know for certain that our prime suspect, Mrs Snodgrass, is acquainted with another suspect, Mr Beauregard.  It's finally time to review the case, our list of suspects, and their motives."

"What's to review of the case Mews?  Two anti-dog notes were left on Horst's door that read, 'Go home dog.'  Let's get on with things already and get straight to the suspects!"

"Very well, Quigley.  Your impatience-while aggravating-can be inspiring at times.  There's been enough dawdling.  Let's get straight to the suspect list."

"Excellent!  Now Mews, what dubious, potential dog- hating operater is first on the list?"

"Well, Quigley, why don't we start close to home-with none other than myself?"


  1. Mews! Say you never left those notes!

  2. Nooooo! Not Mr. Mews. Never! I'll not have it!
    So your next report will be #100, I sure hope you do something nice for yourselves.
    We can hardly wait!

  3. You're the guilty party, Mews? Or are you pulling our legs?

  4. Well, that is quite a twist that is for sure! We know that cats and dogs aren't supposed to get along - but hmm, we aren't sure what to make of this!


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