Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Quigley Investigates

Finally, I've found Beauregard's residence.  I must get closer.

No, this won't do.  I'll surely be spotted here.

Ah, a touch of solstice sun.  How delightful.  Mews will be envious-what is this I see?

Beauregard leaving his building.  I shall follow him and see where he goes!


  1. Beauregard is quite handsome...we see why Horst fell in love!
    Quigley, be careful!

  2. Yes, be very careful indeed, Quigley, Don't take anything for granted and don't assume!

  3. It's true, Quigley is oft quick to judge. But he is a good and careful observer and I am here to make sure that the facts are filed as facts and not as fiction. Still, I'm, ahem human-as they say-and apt to make my own mistakes. We do our best, no?


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