Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Swedish Twins Join Mews and Quigley for Tea

"If only this meeting was under more pleasant circumstances," Quigley said looking serious.  "You must understand that the two of you are in no way suspects in this case," Quigley said ignoring Mews' look.  "We just want to know if you have any more information that would be of value to this case."

"I understand that our neighbor Mr Horst is being bullied, yah?  With angry notes?" Ingeborg asked.  "Because he is a dog?  But he seems so nice and refined.  We often hear the loveliest of music coming from his walls during the day," Ingeborg added.  "He also gives us wurst from time to time."
"Ah, yes.  I quite like the ones spiced with peppercorns," Quigley said pulling himself nearer to the couch.

"He does make a fine wurst, but perhaps we can get back to the matter at hand," Mews said giving Quigley a measured look.  "Ladies.  You say you hear sounds from Horst's apartment.  "Have you heard anything unusual?"  

"I don't know if you call arguing unusual," Pernilla said while she stirred her tea.  "But ya, lots of quarreling last summer."

"Oh yes, that was dreadful.  Sometimes the growling and the barking was so loud that it woke us both in the night!"  Ingeborg said.

"Growling?"  Quigley asked.  "Barking?"

"Oh yes, the both of them.  And the other dog-he seemed much gruffer, much louder," Pernilla added.

"Did you say that there was another dog?"  Mews asked turning off the stove with a quiet and thoughtful motion.  

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  1. We have our suspicions...we can't wait for the new year when all will be revealed!


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