Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mr Mews Questions a Rooster

"Jean Claude Reveneau, I appreciate you coming over on such short notice.  I realize this isn't the ideal manner in which to get acquainted."

"I should say not Monsieur Mews.  I feel as if your invitation was more a subpoena rather than an offer for dinner.  A bit barbaric, in fact.  I'm much more accustomed to an invitation for a snort of brandy along with a fine Cohiba rather than an interrogation. Mon dieu!  I almost did not attend.  And it is a rare event that Jean Claude Reveneau does not accept a dinner offer."
I'm afraid this visit has entirely gotten off on the wrong foot mon frere.  In my eager attempts to solve this mystery I've forgotten my manners.  Now, Jean Claude, let's get acquainted.  Might I interest you in a proper dinner?"


  1. Ah, that is the gentleman's way...now there will be some progress, I'll be bound.

  2. Mews, I feel certain that M. Reveneau would not only appreciate a fine dinner (with appropriate lubrication) but just might be in a mood to shed some light on your investigations!


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