Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mews Listens to Horst's Story

"Magnus and I ended our relationship last summer because I would not accompany him to Berlin where his musical career was taking him.  Magnus is a tenor-he has a voice of the angels.  Anyway, I finally told him that I was tired of tramping around the world with him from city to city, production to production.  He didn't take it well I'm afraid and that's when the Swedish twins heard the arguments."

"I see," Mews said as he studied his guest.  

"But I'm certain Magnus is not a suspect Mr Mews.  You see he left the country before the nasty notes appeared."

"It would seem unlikely that Magnus is involved-however-we can't rule him out just yet."

"Yes, of course," Horst said looking glum.  "It's just that I can't bear to think that Magnus could be capable of such cruelty."    


  1. There's always international mail...check the postmarks!

  2. Indeed. One can sleuth this out. As one IS doing.


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