Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mews Gives Quigley a Mission

"Mews, something about this Magnus character doesn't sit right with me," Quigley said taking a seat near the window.

"Yes, yes.  I know what you mean Quigley," Mews said, nodding.  "I'm afraid that Horst may still be withholding information from us.  Something doesn't feel right about our conversation with him.  I'll need time to review my notes and search for any inconsistencies."

"What's next then?  We have one more suspect left to interview isn't that right?"

"Yes, and that's where you come in Quigley.  I need some time to think and I need you to track down this Beauregard fellow."

"Are you saying I finally get to do some hard-boiled gumshoeing?  Oh dear, this is exciting," Quigley said as Mews handed him an address.

"I expect, Quigley, that you will keep a low profile and use your avian skills to the best of your abilities," Mews said.

"Mews! Are you implying that I swoop about from rooftop to rooftop whilst eavesdropping?"  Quigley asked.

"You might need to drop in on a few eaves, yes," Mews said with a grin.


  1. Oh we wonder what Quigley will overhear! That could end up being very interesting indeed!


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