Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quigley Returns From His Travels To A Country Divided

"Quigs, I must say things have been off in your absence.  And I also have to say that I've been a bit of a hermit.  I forget how much of a force you are in my life my good friend.  I do believe if it were not for you I might just regress into a permanent state of ennui and wistfulness."

"Mais no, Mews!  It is you that inspires me!  If it were not for your clear mindedness and rational demeanor I'd have become a flinty old malcontent years ago.   Because of you I am able to have a civil conversation with my social and political rivals without pecking their eyes out!  Flight, as you know, gives me a much needed new perspective.  Everyone looks quite the same at a few hundred feet especially when you can't hear the trifle bickering and name-calling."

"Perhaps we provide a perfect balance for each other Quigs.  Like an exceptional wine-neither too acidic nor too sweet.  Now, tell me about your trip to La Tour Eiffel." 


  1. There's No Place Like Home ~~Dorothy

  2. Great to have you back Quigs. Civility is a lost art.

  3. Quigley is glad to be back too!

  4. Oh we are glad to see that Quigley is back home! Those travel stories are going to be amazing for sure!

  5. I am so glad Quigley is safely back and I must say, I like his take on things.


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