Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mews Muses Over Family Portraits

"The likeness is quite remarkable Mews," Quigley says sipping some Earl Grey tea. 

"Yes, Mews said without hesitation.  "It's quite uncanny how much I resemble Grandpapa Mews," he said with a sparkle in his eye.  "You know, Grandpapa always had a flair for words.  He knew just what to say and when to say it.  Perhaps I should conjure up Papa when I next approach Mrs. Snodgrass."

"Are you still hung up on that priss?  You've invited her twice for dinner and still no response."

"Yes, but this time I shall make the invitation a little more, let's say, irresistible."


  1. Do tell! P'raps you should entice her with an invitation to rub your tummy.

  2. NO RESPONSE!? Bad cess to Mrs. Snodgrass!


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