Saturday, October 16, 2010

Meet the Rent a Goats

You eat that weed, I'll take this one
Mr Mews met some goats last week on an evening stroll.  While they couldn't really be interrupted during their dinner (those four chambered stomachs are constantly growling), they did pose for some nice photos.  These goats are from Goat Rental NW and they have a full time job chowing down overgrown urban lots. Apparently they seem to be happy to get off the farm every now and then to see the city sights! 

Earning my keep.
Did you say hay?
The grass looks greener on the other side.
The grass is greener on the other side!
Pan would be jealous of these horns.
My mother was part terrier.
Finally, a job where I don't have to shave my goatee.
The End


  1. Great story Mews - no kidding!

  2. No kidding around here. Those goats are all business...

  3. I love goats! I have several goat friends!

  4. Mews, we think those goats are pretty cool. It's always nice to do what you love for a living.


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