Thursday, October 7, 2010

Meet Aristosphanes: Raven Ambassador

"This is my friend Aristosphanes. He is a gentleman raven that I had the pleasure of meeting this summer at the Leach Botanical Gardens here in Portland via the Audubon Society.  Apparently, some think it's an unfortunate situation that Aristosphanes has been "imprinted" by humans-meaning that his early bonding years have been defined by humans and not his own kind.  In other words, he prefers the company of humans over ravens.  I take a different approach, and I think that my good raven friend has a great opportunity on his hands to be an ambassador to the greater public.  He likes humans, and actually what's so wrong with that?"


  1. Jumpin' Cat! He could pick me up and carry me away!

  2. That's one giant bird! I hope he wasn't afraid of you...or the other way around!


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