Friday, October 29, 2010

Mrs Snodgrass Responds

"Dear Mr Mews.  I am oddly flattered by your persistence and eccentric character.  I might say it's been a long time since a gentleman has showed interest in my company.  I am intrigued and I will accept your invitation for dinner with one request; I would prefer that this Quigley character not attend as I find his beady eyes and his constant chatter disagreeable.  Yours, Constance Snodgrass."


  1. Woohoo! She said YES! Um, sorry Quigley.

  2. Whoa. Quigley..please do not be hurt or offended by this breach of protocol. It is inconsequential.

  3. Time for a small screen for Quigley to conceal his person behind!
    We are DYING to know what you plan to serve for dinner. Do you need any sour lemons? Daddy could pick some...hahahahaha!
    Sorry Daddy.

  4. Mews, it appears that you are faced with a conundrum!

  5. I haven't told Quigley about this dilemma yet-I'll have to break it to him over dinner.


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