Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mummies, Green Manures and Garlic Greens

"This gardening business is exhausting-yet invigorating.  I forgot to plant my tulip bulbs under the fall annuals in my balcony containers and now I must redo them.  Perhaps I'll take a break and consult Margaret Roach's gardening website-one of my favorites-to get some ideas about fall clean-up.  Do you have fruit trees?  Don't let those mummies (shriveled fruit) hang on through the winter and invite potential problems next spring.  Green manure (cut grasses, clover) can be added to vegetable beds to build up the soil.  Or plant some garlic cloves in a pot and keep it by the window for spicy chive-like greens throughout the winter.  Oh, dear did I say winter?  Don't worry, it's not here yet."


  1. Mews, we think Fall is a great season! Cool weather and lots of snoopervising to be done. Not to mention the return of hot toddies...YUM!

  2. I do enjoy the crisp fall air, the colors and especially the harvest parties!

  3. We love cool days and deep blue October skies.


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