Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mr Mews Views Scandalous Photos

"Let me get this straight McBain-you say someone has incriminating photos of you and this Fern Butterfield.  Yet you are not married and neither is Miss Butterfield.  Explain to me how these photos threaten you," Mews said as he watched McBain pull the photos out from underneath his jacket.

"It's all publicity Mews.  I'm a conservative talk show host-I'm the guy that eats liberals for breakfast.  I can't be the guy who eats tofu with his hippie girlfriend!  I'll be ruined.  If word gets out that I've been running around with the city's biggest bleeding heart blogger my fans will turn against me and my enemies will be fighting over what's left of my bones."  McBain shook his head as he handed Mews a photo.  "Look at that.  That's me and Fern braiding hemp bracelets at her old man's cabin.  Someone followed us all the way to California.  And look at this one.  Me and Fern sipping wheat grass after our Tantric couples retreat.  I don't even wanna show you this one," McBain said rubbing his forehead.  "You gotta help me catch this guy."

"Or gal," Mews said raising an eyebrow as McBain handed him a third photograph.    


  1. Uhhh.... seems you might want to consider coming clean publicly, Mr. McBain. You've been hiding things, haven't you? Naughty, naughty.

  2. MOL!!!! You are so precious! I think we should post the pics to WikiLeaks!

    Ummm- yes,sorry for the outburst...
    Whatever will McBain do? Surely Mews can save him!

  3. Ah yes. You would think most of those folks in the public eye would be more careful about their indiscretions and affairs. Then again, they are just going about their own business.


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