Monday, January 31, 2011

McBain Shows up out of Breath

"McBain you looked flushed!" Mews exclaimed.  McBain nodded his head as he stepped into Mews' apartment-but not before looking over his shoulder.

"Darn right I'm flushed!  I just ran twenty blocks," McBain said.  He took a seat on the couch as Mews listened to his wheezing chest.  "I'm gonna need to get into better shape if I'm gonna be outrunnin' bald blackmailers and other bad dudes."  Mews smiled and offered McBain a cup of tea before they got started in on conversation.  McBain looked up and heaved forth a phlemy laugh.

"I'm afraid ol' Regis here's gonna need somethin' a little stronger than tea," he said pulling out a silver flask from inside his jacket.  He unscrewed the cap, took a long swig, and then let out a husky grunt. "Now, cat.  Now I'm ready to do some talkin'."


  1. He sure doesn't have good manners, does he?

  2. I have my note pad..I'm ready! Speak!

  3. We're ready too! (We agrees with the Whikeratti though, very bad manners!)

  4. This is Prashant. Ivon Chateau renunion Friday Jan 27th in PDX


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