Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lenin Speaks

"Yes, I actually know that McBain is being blackmailed because he called me and directly accused me of blackmailing him.  I said that I wasn't surprised, but that it wasn't me and that I wouldn't resort to criminal activity to get back at him," Jon Lenin said taking in a lungful of air through his nose.

"Get back?" Mews asked.

"Well, yes, for all the nasty comments he's made about me and my affiliations on the air over the years.  I used to take his bait and I've spent too many hours on the phone arguing with McBain and getting migraines.  I prefer to spend my time now editing my monthly newsletter and acting in my local community theatre group "Behind the Iron Curtain."  You see Mews," Lenin said leaning back into his chair, "I've in a sense retired from the frontlines.  I'm not interested in the tit for tat name calling that thrives in the political arena-on both sides.  And I admit that McBain is very good at what he does-better than I ever was.  You know we were best friends long ago."

"Yes," Mews said.  "Mr McBain said that you're friendship ended due to your political differences," Mews said stealing a sip of tea.  Jon Lenin's eyes widened and he smiled.

"Is that what he said?"  Lenin laughed.  "Always prone to hyperbole and half-truths that one.  "No.  It wasn't our politics that finally ended our friendship Mews.  It's much simpler than that.  You see he stole my girlfriend, Imelda."  Mews coughed into his sleeve.  "And then he married her."


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