Monday, February 7, 2011

Quigley Makes a Decision

"Quigley.  Quigley, were you even listening to my summarization of suspects?"

"What?  Oh, yes, I'm afraid I'm a little tired Mews.  I was up all night consoling Millicent.  You see I broke things off with her and she didn't take it well."

"I see," Mews said looking on.  "Perhaps she is not accustomed to being on the losing side of a break-up."

"Well, the old girl was heartbroken-I'm heartbroken.  It was really quite tragic Mews.  But our love is not meant to be.  I just know in my heart of hearts she will fly away from me someday-off to her next adventure.  Love, Mews, it's the hardest work in the world sometimes.  But I'm afraid I'm being unprofessional-I shall try and focus on the issue at hand-you seem to think that the blackmailer is politically motivated, no?"

"Yes," Mews said happy that Quigley was changing the subject.  "It does seem that way-yet it's much too early to rule anything out."

"Really, Mews, is there anyone in town who wouldn't enjoy blackmailing Regis McBain-even just a little?"  Quigley asked.

"It would seem so.  But I feel that the blackmailer is someone close to him-or at least within his inner circle."

"Why look abroad when the answer is at the tip of one's nose?"

"That's right Quigley.  I'm glad to see that you're thinking clearly again," Mews said with a grin.


  1. Quigs says it's over with Millie, but I think I'll reserve judgment!!

  2. Yes, I have to say *he says looking over his shoulder* that I've witnessed Quigley flip flop over a girl a few times before. I too think it's wise to reserve judgement.

  3. I too have reservations...that is to say referencing Quigs..not at a restaurant.

  4. Mr. Mews, I am pleased to make your acquaintance. You are quite the gentleman visiting and following my site. Thank you for your kindness.

    I am also impressed by your sleuthing skills. It is wonderful to meet a cat who holds down such a distinguished job.

  5. I have to say I feel the same as my friend (and she REALLY IS my friend) Ann above...thanks so much for visiting us today as pleased to meet you!
    We are following you now as well! :)

  6. Welcome new friends and thanks for visiting-happy sleuthing!

  7. Quigs is back on the job! You made the right choice, feathery friend. Mili is just too much to keep up with. But don't worry...true love will fly in to you anytime now.

  8. Hi Mr. Mews! We are behind in visiting as usual. It sounds like some much has been going on there! We are sorry that Quigs broke up with his lady friend but sometimes it just isn't meant to be.

  9. Welcome back Amy "and the house" Yes, well, we aren't entirely convinced that Quigs has broken things off forever-but he's making a strong stand-


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