Friday, February 18, 2011

Imelda Speaks

"Look Mews, I know why you've asked me here.  Regis is in trouble-ha, what's new?  I'm here to tell you I know nothing of his latest issues.  Regis has been nothing but trouble for me-he was married not to me but to his microphone-and when he wasn't working at the studio he was drinking and chasing waitresses at that dreadful bar near his work-The Hand Me Down.  But I want nothing to do with him anymore.  I can't stand that beast and I couldn't even stand to blackmail him."  Mews nodded his head and Quigley jotted down some notes.

"Does he still frequent this bar-The Hand Me Down?"
"Oh, I don't know, I'm sure he does.  A malignant narcissist such as Regis needs to get his daily dose of not just Jack and Coke but of ego-stroking.  Lord knows why, but Regis has a way of making people do back-flips for him.  If you and Mr Quigley here would like me to accompany you to the bar I'd be happy to do so," Imelda McBain said flashing Quigley a lipstick-smeared smile.

"Thank you but no, that won't be necessary," Quigley said hopping off of his chair.  We want to thank you for coming," Quigley said cutting off the conversation prematurely. 


  1. She IS a scary woman, isn't she? Are you really going to that bar? It sounds... unsavory.

  2. Be careful...very very careful. Watch every step and well, just be careful.

  3. Just a thought Mews, but I am wondering; does McBain "carry"?

  4. Hi Mr. Mews,

    I just read about you over on Pet Blogs United. I am cat-loving dog who also loves a good caper. I think we will get along very well!

    Your pal, Pip

  5. Mews, we have been speechless with excitement...but today we're back to say: don't go to the bar! It might be a trap.

  6. Hi Mews..I just found you through Pet Blogs United, and just wanted to stop by to say meow!

  7. Hi Mr. Mews!
    We came over from PBU, and are now following!

    Feel free to stop by our blog,

    Rudy's Raiser

  8. Hi Mr. Mews,
    Stopping over from PBU. You are a very clever kitty. I was most impressed with your letter to Ms. Snodgras!


  9. Dear Mr. Mews,
    Go! Go to the bar! Yous might get into trouble and that would be fun!
    Love Penelope

  10. Hi Mr. Mews,
    Read about you on PBU, thought I'd come say hi!


  11. Hi, I too have come through PBU. I'm having a read and really enjoying your blog. I love finding blogs that are a little bit different from the 'norm'.

  12. Hello, Mr. Mews we just came over from Pet Blogs United. I like what I read and enjoyed reading your posts. Have a great weekend. Hugs and nose kisses

  13. How exciting to have so many new readers! Welcome new friends, Quigley and I hope you can help me solve my latest case!


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