Monday, February 21, 2011

Mr Mews Receives Mysterious Phone Calls

"How long has this been happening Mews?  Hang ups?  Heavy breathing?  How bestial.  How amateur!  Any idea of who it might be?"  Quigley asked these questions as he examined new spring colorization on his wing.

"Just over the weekend.  And no, I have no idea of who it might be.  I'm assuming that it has something to do with the McBain case."  Quigley nodded and focused his full attention on Mews.

"Yes, but we know the dangers of assumption Mews.  We shall wait until we have facts.  Concrete, unwavering facts."  Mews looked up and smiled.

"Of course Quigs.  I'm glad to see you focused and clear headed.  I might say breaking up with Millicent has afforded you the presence of mind to think clearly again," Mews said lifting up his wine glass.  "While I realize you're gearing up for the frenzy of spring, I must say I'm impressed you aren't letting those old instincts get the best of you."

"It's a constant struggle between mind and body Mews, as you know.  May the rational and enlightened mind win every time."  At this the two old friends nodded knowingly and clinked their glasses.  


  1. Mr. Mews, you need caller ID..heehee


    p.s. what is that wine you're drinking?

  2. Hope you get the facts soon...'just the facts' is always a good thing. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. Mews, they be getting over on you via telephone, but they'll never make a fool of you through the interweb. Brilliant post -- your public expects nothing less.

  4. Mews, knowing you are from Portland, I'm assuming that you and Quigs are enjoying one of Oregon's great Pinot Noirs!

  5. Now I is going to have to worry bout you. It's not good to get all those mysterious handups, heavy breathing. Scary. I do hope you will be okay.

  6. Oh no! Who could be threatening you, Mews? Maybe we need to get a Swat Gang together....

  7. I was in fact enjoying a pinot noir with Quigley-he brought over a bottle last night and we enjoyed it with our peppered porkchops.

    Not to worry, I'm convinced that the mysterious phone calls will be resolved with the help of Quigley's superior sleuthing skills!

  8. Mr Mews,
    Me is in LOVE with your stories! Once me discovered yous, me went back and readed them all!
    In appreciation me is sending yous an
    AWESOME Blog Award!
    Yous can pick it up at

    kitty kisses and head butts

  9. Thanks Nellie, how wonderful! My first award, oh dear, I think I'm blushing.


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