Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Interview with a Socialist

"Ah, Mr Lenin, good of you to come by," Mr Mews said closing the door.  Jon Lenin stepped inside, nodded, and then waited for instructions.  "Please take a seat.  I'll have the coffee ready in just a moment," Mews said heading for the kitchen.

"No bother.  I don't drink coffee," Lenin said with a gruff stern voice.

"Tea then."

"I don't drink tea either.  Both coffee and tea plantations contribute to the deforestation of the native ecosystems of their given region.  I wish also to avoid contributing to the exploitation of the indigenous populations by multinational corporations and their stockholders."

"I see," Mews said looking through his cupboards.  Well, how about a cup of hot water and lemon?"

"I'll take nothing thank you.  I'm currently on a breatharian diet.  Just a deep breath of pure air will suit me just fine-and it's a guilt free pleasure.  Now, please tell of your business with me Mr Mews.  I'm guessing this has something to do with Regis McBain?"


  1. Mr. Lenin seems like a most uptight interviewee. Good luck, Mr. Mew!

    PeeS: I agree, I do need a portable restroom. Any recommendations?


  2. Oh... he seems a very prickly sort. It's going to be a touchy interview, we think.

  3. Mr Lenin is not a friendly man. Me would wack him (with my claws out just a little).


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