Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Savage Incident in a Civilized Nation

This was Mr Mews' reaction to the British woman who gingerly yet surreptitiously placed a friendly kitty from Coventry into a garbage can or as the Brits call it, "a wheelie bin."  Mr Mews was not only irritated that his morning philosophical debate with Quigley was interrupted by such a disturbing news bite, but that the "victim" was such a lovely, young Tabby-one of his own.  "It's appalling.  I'm aghast, and this information has my indigestion all willy nilly.  Lola is only four, but she is beautiful, naive, and much too trusting.  It's a shame that this brutal act of barbarism will change the poor puss forever I'm afraid.  Still, it's a blessing that she was found and we can't count that out, no we can't."  


1 comment:

  1. Well, hello there!

    Nikita here, and I am glad to meet a fellow creative writer, and storyteller!

    Interesting place you got here!

    Thank U 4 visitng my blog tonite!

    I've added you to The Pussy Roll in my sidebar. ;-D

    I, too, was rather annoyed with that silly woman when i learned of what she did.


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