Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mr Mews' Unrequited Love

"Quigley, really, this isn't the time or place for a political discussion. We'll have to reschedule dinner for tomorrow. Phillipa won't return my phone calls and I'm feeling dreadfully morose. I simply can't bear this black hole that is my heart."

"Mews, my dear boy. You really must buck up. What am I to tell our guests? That Mews is curled up on the couch crying his eyes out over a prissy sass who won't give him the time of day?" Quigley leans over and pecks Mews in the nose. "I'll give you the afternoon my boy. Dinner is at 8 and Tolliver and Combs will be bringing a stiff Cabernet. I expect you'll be recovered by then. Mews. Mews?"

"Yes, yes, give me the afternoon. I'll pull myself together for our guests. Blast that enigmatic Phillipa. Damn her hold over me."


  1. Mr. Mews, I know just how you feel. But, buck up, lad. All is not lost!
    Hello to a fellow feline who takes the world one scratching post at a time and has a great time doing it!
    I'm looking forward to your thoughts!

  2. Hello Mr. Mews and Quigley! We came over from the Cat Blogosphere to meet you - we heard you were quite sophisticated and had to stop by and see - and from what we have seen, well, it is quite true! We aren't quite as sophisticated as you are but if you would like to meet us anyway, please stop by our blog, House of Cats (link is in our profile).

  3. Welcome new friends. I must say it does inflate my spirits today meeting new friends.

  4. Hi, Mr. Mews & Quigley. We just found out about you from the Cat Blogosphere. We thought we would drop in for a moment.

    This seems indeed to be a most refined place to visit. (although Mr Mews does start to sound a bit Bulwer-Lytton-ish in spots)

  5. Yes, I can become a bit melodramatic at times. It is however, a dark and stormy afternoon here in Laurelhurst...is not the paw mightier than the sword?

  6. Well Mr. Mews..you know you have my mom and I entranced since our visit yesterday.

    Word to the wise from a beautiful Tortie..that would be me. Phillipa isn't worth it my dear. Not at all.

  7. Perhaps you're right. Quigley doesn't see all the fuss about her either. It's possible that I make her larger than life...I shall turn off my phone and settle in for the night with a good book.

  8. Banish the thought of that Phillipa. There are many more who are worthy your affection out there. Dinner is more important, methinks.


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