Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner

"Well, Quigley, I have to say I'm rather relieved that I won't be entertaining your friends Tolliver and Combs tonight.  It's for the best that they were called out of town.  You know it was a rather stressful day for me today-the Osso Buco simply wouldn't have been ready until near midnight."

"I'm glad that tea is lifting your spirits my friend.  Yet a lively political debate might have been just the thing to take your mind off Phillipa."
"Really, Quigs, I fear you might be getting in over your head.  These two-Tolliver and Combs-I'm afraid they 're nothing more than agitators."  Mr Mews lowers his voice, "you haven't given them any money Quigley."

"Goodness no.  And yes, I agree they are a bit over the top at times, but one must be loud and as they say, "in your face" these days to gain attention, no?"

"Really, I think not.  All this shouting and name calling simply gives me a headache and makes me want to retreat into a long, heady Victorian novel.  I'll give them a chance though, for your sake.  Let them know I will reschedule.  And we'll have veal.  Good God, they aren't vegetarians are they?"


  1. Oh! If you cannot have veal...what good ARE they? Refuse to entertain them.

  2. I've just been informed by Quigley that they are not vegetarians or vegans. I must say I'm not particularly adept at braised tofu.

  3. Veal sounds very delicious! But only when you are in the mood for entertaining guests.

    ps: I love your tiny, tiny tea cup.

  4. Sometimes a gentleman can't wait for moods. Sometimes a gentleman has duties. By the way, those big ears of yours are almost delicious.


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