Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Dreadful Dream

A nightmare, really.  As Mr. Mews describes it; "Two enormous prehistoric birds were swooping down on my head as I became trapped in an alleyway between a large, brightly lit, roaring vacuum and Cerberus-the mythical two-headed hell hound.  Often, it's best to simply return to sleep.  I'm still a bit peevish from last night's discussion."   


  1. Mr Mew, I suggest a warm bowl of milk after a bad dream.

  2. Though I'm a bit lactose intolerant, a small little dose of milk might be just the thing.

  3. Hmm, a bad case of the "twos". We researched Cerberus and discovered that he can also have one head, two heads, or even 50! So you might want to nap thinking of him with various numbers of heads until it ceases to disturb your slumber.

    Have you considered that the "two heads" really to you and Quigley? Just a thought...

  4. 50! My goodness. This could be a bigger problem than we originally thought. I'd better send for several bottles of port tonight-Quigley and I have got some thinking to do.


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