Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mr Mews and Quigley Discuss the Liquidation of Canis Lupis Familiaris

"You, my dear friend, could use your lovely gossamer wings to distract the poor fellow while I pounce, leap and then lead him to the back fire escape upon which we close the door and bam!  Problem solved."

"Not bad, not bad, however I'm concerned as to how we open the door in the first place.  Not to mention closing it."

"Yes, that does present a problem, good friend."  Mr Mews, however, being educated at one of the nation's finest academic institutions is not accustomed to being nonplussed and at a loss for new ideas.  "We'll simply have to be opportunistic about this.  We will use one of our greatest assets-patience.  We will wait and wait for that door to open and when it does, by God we'll be ready.  That canine won't stand a chance."  Quigley, pleased, nods rapidly in agreement.

 "Again, Mr Mews, you have done it.  Your adept commiseration and brilliant stratagems never cease to impress.  It is fortunate for me that we are not enemies."

 "Yes, yes indeed Mr Quigley."


  1. pro non volatilis pennipotenti, haud fuga

  2. You might consider engaging the services of a competent dog investigator, Mr. Mews. If there's any dirt to be dug up, my friend "Bounty, the dog hunter" will surely sniff it out.

  3. I am intrigued by this "Bounty, the dog hunter." Perhaps I shall acquire his services-of course, Quigley will want to have a say. We are in this together.


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