Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mr Mews Really Can't Be Bothered with Politics Today

Mr Mews really can't be bothered today.  He was up half the night with his broker discussing which, indeed, if any of his assets were aligned with Koch industries.  Having given in to peer pressure while sipping Courvoisier V. S.O.P with some liberal friends (or rather, just trying to get them to talk about something more interesting like mice, flies, a rare new catnip hybrid) he told them he might look into his portfolio and "see what he could do."  

Rather grumpy after only 13 hours of sleep, he said he'd "Get back to me," and before he drifted into a twitchy nap he mumbled, "Damn those Koch brothers and their Dixie Cup fortune.  They'd better not get me into any more trouble with my bleeding heart, organic vittles crowd."  


  1. Mr Mew, Peer pressure and cat nip don't mix. Never make important financial decisions while high.

  2. Yes, yes. Well said. Mornings are the best times for important decisions. As they say, it's best to sleep on it.

  3. The life of a gentlecat is filled with awkward social discussions and minor tribulations...


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